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List of Regional Championships

The list of events for the 2013-14 competition season is just about complete. We are still booking events in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New York and possibly South Carolina, Georgia, and New Orleans!

NOTE: Three types of 'Regional Championships' are listed here - PRESTATE Championships (discounted flat rate; early season events; flat cheer mat), School and Rec Championships (flat fee for teams; flat cheer mat only) and THE EDGE Championships (per competitor fee; spring and cheer mat) are listed here.

Please check back often for updates as well as some additional locations as many location contracts are still being finalized. We look forward to seeing you at a Cheer Ltd Championship!

Don't forget to look at the SOFFE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP information and schedule as well when you are adding us to your competition schedule.



Regional Competitions MAP

For more information on an event, please contact:
Lisa Thompson at Cheer Ltd