NCHSAA Invitational Cheerleading Championships

Cheer Ltd is proud to present the 11th annual Cheerleading Championships sponsored by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

November 16, 2013
Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, NC

  • Team competition open to Junior Varsity and Varsity teams
  • All participants must be an NCHSAA member in good standing and meet state and local eligibility requirements; team must support an interscholastic athletic program
  • Registration is accepted through Oct 15, 2013
  • Cost is per athlete
  • Late registrations (with $ 150 late fee) are accepted through Oct 31, 2013
  • Vendors are allowed at the event! Email Scotti for registration form
  • Cheer Ltd's Carolina Cup presented to the highest scoring Varsity team
  • Team photos must be submitted by Oct 15, 2013 FORM
  • PreOrder the event Tshirts by printing this form and order through MSP - TSHIRT FORM


  • Junior Varsity Non-Tumble (5 - 36 members; NO Tumbling allowed)
  • Junior Varsity (5 - 36 members)
  • High School Non-Mount (5 - 36 members; NO Stunting allowed)
  • Small Varsity Non-Tumble (5 - 15 members; NO Tumbling allowed)
  • Medium Varsity Non-Tumble (16 - 19 members; NO Tumbling allowed)
  • Large Varsity Non-Tumble (20 - 36 members; NO Tumbling allowed)
  • Small Varsity (5 - 12 members)
  • Medium Varsity (13 - 16 members)
  • Large Varsity (17 - 20 members)
  • Super Large Varsity (21 - 36 members)
  • Small Varsity Coed (2 - 4 males)
  • Large Varsity Coed (5+ males)
  • Special Needs Non-Tumble NEW!
  • Special Needs NEW!

*NCHSAA reserves the right to change and/or combine divisions based on registration.

More Important Information

  • All routines must follow the NFHS Spirit Rules.
  • Routines may not exceed 2:30 minutes. **The non-music/cheer portion of the routine must be a minimum of 45 seconds.
  • A 10 point penalty will be levied if there is not a 45 second break in the music (cheer, chant, and/or any non-music choreography). This is a requirement for this event and there is no grace on this competition guideline.
  • Competition surface - 54' x 42' cheer floor; elevated on a stage.
  • Divisional order and start times will be posted prior the week of competition; participating teams and performance times will not be posted. A complete order of performance will be available in the official event program sold at the competition.
  • Warm up mats provided during assigned warm up times.
  • National Certified Judging panels include: four panel, two deduction, one head, one review, and one administrator; PLUS two safety judges in warm up!
  • Participation has been steadily growing for this event and to accommodate more teams, there will be alternating panels of judges making the performances more compact and the day a little shorter!
  • An optional safety review will be available in the warm up area for teams wishing to have a safety judge look at stunt(s) and/or tumbling PRIOR to going on the judged floor. * THIS IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED AND RECOMMENDED...even if you have had a choreography!
  • Teams must provide a person to start, stop and/or pause music.
  • No cross-competing allowed (i.e., a JV cheerleader cannot also compete on a Varsity team).
  • Photo specifications can be obtained on the photo submission instructions. All photos sent to Cheer Ltd for the NCHSAA program will be returned at registration. For the 100th year of the NCHSAA, Cheer Ltd would like to make sure and put ALL team photos in the program this year! Please help us make that happen and submit your team photo by October 15!
  • Team and action photos will be taken by Jamie Christian Photography and will only be available for purchase at the event.
  • See registration form for divisions offered. For Non-Tumble divisions, please note the following zero tumbling rule...

Non-Tumble divisions - No tumbling that can be identified by tumbling/gymnastics definitions are allowed to be performed in the Non-Tumble divisions. (i.e. forward rolls or handstands are NOT allowed. Seat rolls or hip hop rolls/choreographed moves are ALLOWED). EXCEPTIONS: any tumbling that would be considered part of a (legal) stunt entry or transition can be performed because that would be judged in the appropriate Stunt/Pyramid categories.


  • Doors will open at 8:00am.
  • An official NCHSAA program will be available at the event for $ 5. Teams photos submitted by the Oct 15, 2013 deadline will be published in the program.
  • TWC will once again be videoing this event for a future On Demand viewing. Check your local on-demand cable channel after the event for more information or listen for more information at the event!


  • All spectators pay a $ 10 entry fee to view the entire day's competition.

More Information

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Raleigh Convention Center (Official Website)
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2013 Exhibitor Registration Form available Sept 2013
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Don't forget to look at the REGISTRATION PAGE to get the form and/or brochure with all the details!

For Score Sheets, Judging Info, Guidelines, and Grids CLICK HERE


For more information contact Scotti Marshburn, Cheer Ltd at 800-477-8868