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National Cheer Judges Certification includes:

  • Training Manual
  • Certificate of completion with judging level and complete evaluation of your performance/judging potential
  • Judging credentials and listing on the National Judges Registry

Advance Registration: $ 168 per person
Re-certification: $ 118 per person
Late Fee: $ 25 per person*

Online Course Standard Registration: $ 168 per person
Online Course Re-certification: $ 118 per person

To be eligible for "Re-certification" you must have completed a Cheer Ltd National Cheer Judging Clinic (another judging certification does not qualify).
Advance Registration applies up to 10 days prior to live clinic date. Registrations received within 10 days or on-site must include a $ 25 late fee.

Additional Details

  • Registration and payment are due to Cheer Ltd no later than 10 days prior to the clinic date. Online Registration accepted only with a VISA/MASTERCARD!
  • $ 25 late fee must be included with all registrations received within 10 days of the clinic; this includes on site registration.
  • If you need to pay by Check or Money Order, please call Cheer Ltd for a paper form.
  • Only cash or money orders are accepted on site. If you are planning to register at the clinic, please call the office no later than noon the Thursday before the clinic date to ensure sufficient training materials are available.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Registration may be transferred to another certification if request to transfer is made PRIOR to the originally registered clinic date.
  • A no-show will result in a complete forfeit of the fees.

Online Course Specifics

  • A 3-month maximum time frame is given to complete the online course. This time starts when the judging packet is sent. It is suggested that you do not register until you know you will have 8 hours of time to dedicate to completing the course. (Not completing the course by the 3-month expiration date will result in a full forfeiture of registration fees.)
  • The course is set up in 4 steps so instead of 8 straight hours, you can divide up the instruction to fit into your schedule!
    • Study the manual (usually about 2 hours max depending on your experience)
    • Power Point Part One is 1:45 plus a 10 question quiz which takes about 15 minutes
    • Power Point Part Two is 1:45 plus a test which has a max time limit of 50 minutes
    • When you complete Part Two, you request the DVD for Part Three and it is mailed out within 48 hours.
  • Your computer must be able to download files and view Power Point presentations. If you do not have Power Point, you will not be able to view Part One and Part Two.
  • The online course is NON-REFUNDABLE. No refunds are given after the materials have been sent . If you are unable to view any portion of the online course or complete it for any reason, you cannot get a refund. Your only option is to request a transfer to a live session.
  • Exercises and training throughout the online instruction is equivilant to a live session. There are two main differences. One is the immediate Q&A if you do have any questions and the second is any personalization of the material that is occasionally done for a live course based on the participants experience, background, etc.
  • The DVD portion is strictly an evaluation tool to utilize what you have learned and to gauge your performance and your judging potential. Completing the score sheets accurately based on the information given is key along with the scoring accuracy and appropriate commenting.
  • If there is a live judging clinic in your area within one year of registering for the online course, you can request to attend the live session as a BONUS. Please email lisat@cheerltd.com for more details if you are interested in this option and there is a clinic in your area.


For more information on a Live Full Day Course, please contact:

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